Dec 2023 Shop Update!

Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by my shop!
Things have been getting harder these days for all of us, so I appreciate that you're still here to check out my work and items in spite of that. I've been trying to figure out better ways for you to get more of the items you want easier and at more affordable prices.

With that in mind, I'm happy to introduce two new systems to my shop: Combined Shipping and Multi-Buy Discounts!

Please understand that these features are trialing and may be removed unannounced if I notice any abuse of the intentions of these features.



It's basically a stock-holding service I'm going to provide to those of you who want to make purchases over a longer period of time and don't mind waiting for your stuff. This way, you won't have to feel pressured to make big orders at once, and just purchase here and there over the 30-days holding period and ship out all your purchased items in one package, when you're ready to ship your box (or before the 30-day holding period, whichever comes first).

I'll send you an email offering you your shipping options and an invoice for the shipping costs (your $2 combined shipping fee will be deducted). You will have 14 days to pay the shipping invoice or get in touch if you need an extension. If I don't hear from you, it will be assumed that you are forfeiting your orders and the stock will be returning to my inventory, available to everyone. This will cancel your order/s and you will not be refunded for them, so please make sure you want the items you purchase!

Please refer to my shipping policy for more details about the combined shipping service or reach out at if you have any questions!



If you've purchased from me at conventions before, you'll be familiar with this! I wanted to offer something similar to my online shoppers as well! I've set up some automatic discounts for items in your cart that are eligible for bundle deals. The breakdown is listed below for your reference: 

  • Acrylic Charms Deal: Buy x3 or more acrylic charms to get $1 off each charm in your cart.
  • Character Sticker Sheet Deal: Buy x3 or more character sticker sheet to get $1 off each character sticker sheet in your cart.
  • Deco Sticker Sheet Deal: Buy x5 or more deco sticker sheets to get $1 off each deco sheet in your cart.
  • Deco Washi Tape Deal: Buy x3 or more deco washi tape to get $1 off each deco washi tape in your cart.
  • Sticker Singles Deal: Buy x5 or more sticker singles (die-cut) to get $2 off each sticker singles in your cart.

Please note that not all items types will have a multi-buy deal. Blind bags, hand-crafted items, limited releases etc may be excluded from these deals even if they are of the same category of item.


I hope you find these new changes exciting and that they help make your shopping experience more pleasant. I'm always happy to hear feedback and suggestions so please feel free to reach out at

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