Acrylic Charms FAQ

All of our acrylic charms / standees have a thin protective film on both sides to prevent scratches and damage during production. If your order looks frosted, cloudy, or scratched, please check for the protective film. Some of them might have a rubbery texture, while others will feel like smooth, clear plastic.

How to remove the protective film:

  • Use your fingernails or debit/credit card and carefully scratch at the edge of the charm / standee.
  • Your fingernail will not be able to damage or lift the actual acrylic charm. If something comes up or starts to peel, you've found your protective film.
  • Grab the lifted corner and peel off the entire surface of the charm / standee.
  • Repeat on the other side. The types of film on either side might be different (one rubbery, one smooth)
  • You're done!


What kind of damage do you do returns for?

We accept returns for misprinted items, clipped designs / missing elements, or incorrect items sent. We do not take responsibility for damage from use, change of mind about the item, slight / insignificant defects like uneven borders.

Please note that if you order B grade or C grade items, defects will be present and are the reason for a discounted price. We will not do returns for B grades or C grade items.