March 2023 Acrylic Charm Pre-Order Event

Hello and thank you for visiting my store and taking interest in the pre-order event! Please read the following notes carefully and reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

EVENT PERIOD: 12th-19th March
(there will be a few hours grace to accommodate time zones)

All pre-orders placed within the event period will receive a free "Genshin REDD" glossy vinyl sticker. As long as you have a pre-order item in your order, it will qualify for this freebie. Please note that orders will be fulfilled/shipped once all items in the order are in stock.

Additionally, every $20 spent on orders that include a pre-order item (excluding shipping), will receive a random "Twitch Panel Art" matte vinyl sticker featuring my OCs. The designs will not double-up until all designs have already been included. There are x5 designs in the "Twitch Panel Art" sticker set (for now...).

For example: An order of $125 (excluding shipping costs) will receive all x5 stickers, and x1 additional random duplicate sticker.

**Please note that the "Twitch Panel Art" stickers will later be available for purchase from the Patreon Shop and at in-person events/conventions.

I hope the details are straight-forward! Please feel free to contact me via email ( or message me on Twitter or Instagram (@blackeye_toast) if you have any questions or concerns!
Thank you so much for shopping with me! I hope you enjoy the items ❤