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Sunset Dream Enamel Pin

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Size: 3cm x 4cm
Material: Zinc Alloy, Enamel, Rubber Clutch
Finish: Rose Gold, Yellow Clutch

When the sun sets, it's going to sleep!! Good night!


Please note that most hard enamel pins have slight/minor surface scratches from the sanding process. Enamel pins with these are the standard and are graded as A Grade. I do not produce perfect/collector grade pins. Only front-face is graded. The backs of the pins are not considered in the grading.

A Grade: The expected standard! Good-looking pin with minimal/no visible flaws.
B Grade: Minor imperfections such as minor enamel under/over fill, barely visible speckles. (-$2)
C Grade: Noticeable imperfections such as missing enamel, obvious speckles, deeper scratches. (-$5)